5 Tips for Busy Moms to Get Lean and Hot

It's can be very hard for somebody with an infant or little child to find time to work out. Believe me, I know how occupied us moms are and we  constantly have to attend to our children and their needs. This is not only time consuming but also very tiring. Mom may be irritable, lethargic and tired of life. This is precisely why every busy ... Read More »

Booty Hacking: 4 Simple Moves To Lift Your Butt

In this new video "Booty Hacking: 4 Simple Moves to Lift Your Butt", you're going to discover 4 brand new movements that you've probably never seen before! Let me know what you think of this video below. And feel free to share with your friends! Much Love, Danette ... Watch Video »

Are You Having Enough FUN With Your Fitness Routine?

Let's Shake it up a little bit with some fun ways to get moving! If you think of exercise as drudgery and dread it, it is time to find the fun again.   There are hundreds of exercises to lose weight that you can do and all you have to do is figure out which ones fit best with your likes and lifestyle. The most common ways to get exercise for ... Read More »


I bet you already know the answer but are worried about getting bulky or muscle bound. Well don't be. I strength train almost every day and it's a huge part of how I keep my bikini body in consistent shape. Weight loss and strength training are directly related because the latter maintains lean body mass while it aids in long-term fat ... Read More »

Is THIS Hormone Harming Your Sleep…and Making You Fat?

We live in a very fast paced world. There's no doubt about that that. We want things done fast and efficiently. It's because today's society demands speed, efficiency and fast results, that jobs these days are a lot more demanding than they were in the past. People work longer hours and have less time for leisure. They are constantly stressed ... Read More »

60 Second Total Body Workout

Today I’m going to show you my #1 favorite movement of all time! I love this movement because it works your entire body in VERY short time…plus it reminds me of surfing the waves in Costa Rica :) So are you ready to tighten your arms, abs, butt and legs in less than a minute? Watch this quick video and start working on your surf bod ... Watch Video »

How to Fix Your Sluggish Metabolism

The fat loss journey is often an arduous, slow process. We live in a super, fast paced world with instant messaging, fast food, apps for just about everything, etc. We are so used to fast results that when we try to lose weight, we just cannot accept that it’s taking so long. The body does what the body wants. You can’t rush it to burn more ... Read More »

Why Your Metabolism is Not Burning Fat

Metabolism is the process by which your body converts food into energy. Many people hold the belief that fat people have low metabolism rates and skinny people have high metabolism rates. However, the process is not that simple. Your metabolism depends on three separate factors, and how it works affects how much you weigh. Metabolism is ... Read More »

Are these extra pounds normal during PMS?

It may seem that when "that time of the month" is coming around that you start dreading a lot of things. One of the most common issues is wondering how much weight gain is going to take place this time? While it may seem that you really pack on the pounds, it isn't as much as you think. Yes, there is a level of discomfort that comes from a ... Read More »

Help! Exercise is boring!

If you find yourself saying this, you’re not alone. Many, many people hate exercise. Yes, hate is a strong word but it’s the right word here. They hate to sweat, they hate the aches, and they just hate it all. All too often, the people who hate exercise the most are the ones who need it most. We live in an age where people have very short ... Read More »