4 Points That Prove Whey Protein is The BEST Protein Powder!

In the market for a protein powder?

If not, you probably will be after you read this.

There's no denying that a high protein diet boosts the effectiveness of weight loss. It helps ensure that the lost weight is not lost muscle weight.

This means protein powder is really the ideal “secret weapon” of weight loss ingredients.

There are many different options available. From whey to hemp to egg to soy, there is something for everyone.

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This said, one protein powder does tend to stand out above the rest. Whey protein offers invaluable benefits that you don't want to overlook.


Increased Protein Intake Reduces Lean Body Mass Loss during Weight Loss in Athletes

Here's a closer look at why whey protein is the superior choice.

1. Whey And Immune Health

The first area that whey can do you good is with regards to your immune health.

Studies note that the whey found in milk (which protein powder is made from) has components that help boost the immune system. This potentially helps to lower the affects of disease. At the very least, it increases the power of  conventional therapies once we exceed the average dietary intake.

So, a protein shake or 2 a day could not only meet your protein needs, but could help you combat disease too.

2. Whey And Lactose Intolerance 

Think you can’t have whey because you’re lactose intolerant?

You may want to rethink that. The fact is that while whey is made from milk, much of the lactose found in milk is removed during the process.

Need proof?

Lactose is a form of milk sugar (and the average glass of milk has around 11 grams per cup) – just check the sugar content on your whey protein powder. Most varieties contain just 1-2 grams of sugar per serving.

This illustrates just how little lactose is actually found in your whey.

Plus, many varieties are actually manufactured to be completely lactose free and will state so on the label. So if you really want to avoid it, you should have no problem doing so.

3. Whey And Appetite 

Worried that you'll feel hungry if you start a weight loss plan? If that’s you, whey may be able to help.

Studies suggest that whey protein suppresses appetite better than other proteins such as casein. Subjects who received a pre-load of 48 grams of whey before going for a buffet meal 90 minutes later, ate significantly less at that buffet.

If you’re dieting and feeling hungry, adding a protein shake made from whey powder may help tame your appetite.

4. Whey And Percent Protein Content

Finally, one last reason whey is superior to other proteins is because it has a very high protein to carb/fat ratio.

When you look at most whey protein powders, you’ll note that most only have a few grams of carbs and a few grams of fat. The vast majority of the powder is protein.

The same cannot be said for other varieties such as soy protein or hemp protein. Often times you’ll see the carb and fat content higher in these types, meaning you’ll have a harder time getting the protein you need while keeping calorie intake down.

If you’re on a strict fat loss diet, this makes them less appropriate for fat burning purposes.

So the choice is clear: for best results, choose whey. With so many different brands available, you have to make sure that you read the labels. A lot of brands are loaded with junk.

Personally, I only use 2 Brands of whey protein powder. The first is Isagenix and the other is BioTrust.

You can be confident in either of these brands that you are getting super high quality and no junk.

IMPORTANT: If you can't get your hands on a good ‘junk-free,' high quality brand of whey protein, you're better off not using it at all. The chemicals in the bad brands will only counteract all the benefits you are seeking.

Try it

  • blended into a protein shake
  • stirred into a bowl of cooked oatmeal
  • added to a bowl of yogurt, or
  • prepared into some delicious home made protein pancakes

Yours in Health,


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